General Rental Conditions

Section I. Rent General Conditions

Article.1. Duration. Extension.

The rent of the car is sealed for a determined duration explicitly cited on the contract. Its extension can only be effective by way of endorsement between the lease-holder and TAHITI EASY CAR before expiration of the contract. The abusive retention of the rented vehicle expose the lease-holder to prosecution and his/her decline of the benefit of the contract thus its insurance. The lease-holder is obligated to return the vehicle at its original station, otherwise he/her will be billed an extra fee.

Article.2 Weekly technical verification.

The lease-holder commits to bring the rented vehicle to TAHITI EASY CAR for a free technical verification. He cannot oppose, if the immobilization of the rented vehicle is necessary or exceed 15 minutes, upon its replacement by a similar vehicle. The disrespect of this technical verification engages the lease-holder responsibility for any damage that happened due to a technical failure of the vehicle.

Article.3 Responsibility. Reserve.

The lease-holder acknowledges having taken the vehicle in a perfect condition of function and maintenance. He/She must warn without notice any imperfection that he could have found, otherwise he could be held for accountable, after expertise, of the damages caused by its aggravation. The transport of animals is prohibited and TAHITI EASY CAR reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee if the vehicle requires thorough cleaning. TAHITI EASY CAR declines any responsibility in case of forgetting or loss of personal items in the vehicle.

Article.4 Responsability Accessories.

The rented car is equipped of all its accessories in operating condition. The lease-holder is fully responsible of the disappearance or the
degradation of the car accessories, and will pay them replacement at the full price. Only the renter can give his/her agreement for the repair.

Article.5 Minimal daily rate

The act of taking charge of the vehicle includes an engagement from the lease-holder to support the minimal daily rate defined hereinafter, whatever was the
brevity of the maintenance. The package is payable at the moment the lease-holder take charge of the vehicle. 1day of rent is equal to 24hours. Beyond that, a payment of the additional hours will be charged at the third of the daily rate duty free. After 3 extra hours a complete day will be charged.

Article.6 Pneumatic

Are not included in the rate, the replacement of the pneumatic in case of flat tire, twisted rims, torn tires, except in the case of usual wear linked to the use of the vehicle. Those fees will make the object of a complementary charge registered in the rent contract.

Article.7 Gas

The cost of the gas is not included. It is at the cost of the lease-holder. TAHITI EASY CAR suggest that every customers to keep the receipt from the gas station. In the case of the return of the car without a full gas tank, fee for gas will be charged (see rate in agency)

Article.8 Return of the vehicle.

The lease-holder is forbidden to abandon the vehicle. In case of impossibility, the vehicle will be return at the cost of the lease-holder.

Article.9 Application fee.

Application fee are applied in the following case:
– Whenever damage is noticed at the return of the vehicle in the context of the opening of a claim file. Those fixed fee are applied in every case, including in case of subscription at the SCDW.
– In case of an early return before the planned day, fixed application feewill be charged to the customer,
– 10% cancellation fee on any reservation after payment of any part of therental during an early return

Section II. Insurance General Conditions

Article.10. Range of the warranty.

The rented vehicle is authorized to be driven on open road to the automobile traffic, public or private, tarred of Tahiti and Moorea. It is insured in the warranty general conditions of vehicle without any driver, and to the particular conditions referred to the insurance policy that can be consulted in the office of TAHITI EASY CAR. The main parts of this insurance contract are recalled hereinafter.

Article.11. Warranty

Two types of warranty are planned. There is also the possibility, averaging a daily bonus, to buy some additional warranty under certain conditions.
A) – Damages caused to others ( third party insurance) : the rented vehicle is insured to the damages that the lease-holder could have cause to others by accident, the damages caused to the lease-holder and his/her rented vehicle are excluded from the warranty. The fines, consequences of the penal responsibility of the lease-holder, stay at his charge.
B) – Damages caused to the rented vehicle, with the franchise : the warranty of the damages to the rented vehicles following a theft, a glass breakage, explosion, fire, or accident under deductibility of a incompressible franchise fixed according to the type of the vehicle, and subject of the respect of the art.12 and the exclusions of the art.13.

Article.12. Category of drivers and warranty conditions.

The lease-holder must be aged of at least 23 years old and be holder of a driver license for at least 3 years. He/She must therewith be holder of a credit card or present some sufficient financial guarantee, at the time of the delivery of the vehicle. Drivers older than 70 years old must be holder of a valid driver license and a medical certification of the ability to drive.

Article.13. Accident report

Any damages caused to the rented vehicle must be subject of an accident report. The leaseholder must appear before the rent office, except in the two following cases: hospitalization or detention by the police forces. In these two cases, the lease-holder is required to appear before the rent office right after his/her hospitalization or detention. The lease-holder that does not respect tis engagement is hold accountable financially to the damages caused and theirs consequences

Article.14 Warranty disqualification :

Other than the disqualifications referred in the general conditions the civil responsibility of the lease-holder is fully engage in the following circumstances, those exclude any warranty :
a) Damages caused intentionally, by malignancy or inexcusable fault.
b) Damages caused in the case of the crossing of a watercourse, going through salted water, stalemate, reversal of the vehicle, driving on a non-roadway, not showing up at the weekly maintenance of the vehicle, flat tires, bursting or tearing of the pneumatic.
c)Damages caused while driving under intoxication or after consuming narcotics or caused by any passenger who have consume under the influence of such a state.
d) Damages caused in the case of a theft of the vehicle when the restitution of the keys cannot be made by TAHITI EASY CAR.
e) Damages caused when the vehicle was driven by another third party not mention in the rent contract


W this insurance is propose in option, averaging a daily bonus and allowing the redeem of the franchise. This insurance does not cover the damages to the rented vehicle, including the damages occurred on the bodywork of the vehicle, the glass breakage. It does not cover the accessories of the vehicle, the flat tire, pneumatic, rims and the gas, the traffic ticket or fines, as well as the towing of the vehicle. It is therewith subject to respect the articles 10, 12 and 13, and the exclusions of warranty of the article 14.

Article.16. Traffic Ticket:

The customer is held for accountable to the payment of the traffic ticket in the case of a violation of traffic laws.


TAHITI EASY CAR reserves the right to additional billing within 30 days of the closing date of the rental agreement. This additional billing comes in the context of distance selling. This additional billing will occur in the following cases :
– Invoicing of the franchise in this case where it could not be obtained at the time of the return of the vehicle
– Billing of expenses related to the rental when the payment of these could not be obtained during the restitution of the vehicle,
– Billing of the totality of the damages in the case of a non-respect of the general conditions of renting,
– Invoicing of CLEANING COSTS if the vehicle requires a thorough wash (sand, grass, mud, etc.).
– Invoicing of deterioration of the accessories which have been lent to him.
– Invoicing of OFF-HOURS COSTS for opening and closing the branch. exclusions of guarantee, as defined in the general conditions of renting, if the company TAHITI EASY CAR considers that a thorough check of the vehicle is necessary or when the return of the vehicle could not be done within the time necessary to carry out the inventory in the best conditions


Some vehicles have a system of real-time geolocation of vehicles; these are identified on your rental agreement next to the model of the vehicle linked to the registration by the men5on “TRACKER GPS” or “GPS TRACKER”. This on-board device allows the company TAHITI EASY CAR to facilitate assistance to vehicles, allow management of thes , breakdowns and accidents suffered by vehicles by determining the geographical position of the vehicle. By signing the rental agreement, the renter acknowledges having been informed of the installation of the aircra` and accepts the terms and the use to be made by the company TAHITI EASY CAR The recipients of this treatment are the services of TAHITI EASY CAR and its subcontractor in charge of the implementation of the geolocation system

In the event of disassembly of the GPS or manipulation of its system by customer, TAHITI EASY CAR reserves the right to carry out an additional invoicing including all the expenses inherent to the restoration of the device.In case of delay in the actual payment of the rent, the company TAHITI EASY CAR reserves the right to demand the payment of late payment interest, calculated monthly, on the basis of the legal rate, plus the sums due, and if necessary of to be reimbursed, in addition, by the tenant, all bank charges and / or recovery costs incurred, all without prejudice to his right to terminate the contract. the renter acknowledges having been informed that in case of delay, and this, from the first unpaid, that the Company TAHITI EASY CAR reserves the right to use the GPS Tracker to make the vehicle unusable and proceed to its seizure on the place where he will be. The renter cannot claim any remission, extension or reduction of the rent, nor to cancellation or damages from the company TAHITI EASY CAR in connection with this seizure, resulting from his financial incapacity to honor his contract. In addition, the tenant will bear all costs inherent in the delay and seizure fees by a third party (collection agency and / or tug). TAHITI EASY CAR, undertakes to respect the privacy of the customer and to protect his personal data. GPS Tracker data is served every 30 days.


In the context of this contract, we are brought as data controller to collect personal data of the Customer (the person named in the rental agreement, the drivers and any person making a payment for the rental) for several purposes:-To provide you with the rental services, which includes the possibility for us to carry out the relevant controls in terms of identity, security, driving license.-To allow us to bill our services.-To allow us to manage the claims.-To ensure the safety of our fleet and record that the vehicle has le` the rental location or has been returned to us. This purpose responds to a legitimate interest.The data collected is identification data: surname, first name, address, telephone number, copy of driver’s license, banking data and location data by our GPS TRACKERS.
The data collected for the execution of the contract are kept for the duration necessary for the execution of the contract, the invoicing and the duration of the possible guarantees, then they will be archived during 7 years as from the extinction of the contractual obligations, except if: A longer shelf life is allowed or imposed by a legal or regulatory provision; The client has exercised, under the conditions set out below, one of the rights granted him by law. These provisions do not apply to GPS tracker related data, which is automatically deleted a`er 30 days.Access to personal data will be limited to the data controller’s employees, who are authorized to treat them by reason of their duties.However, the information collected may be communicated to third parties linked to the firm by contract and located within the EU territory, and outside the EU territory for the performance of subcontracted tasks, or for the purposes of processing your booking through the booking system. This information may also be disclosed to third parties such as police and pay parking managers, in case of infringement or to investigate accidents and steal. Being here specified that if we were led to transfer data to subsequent subcontractors located outside the EU territory the written and specific authorization of the Customer would be solicited prior to any such transfer. In accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 rela5ng to data processing, files and freedoms, as modified by the law n ° 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, and by the European Regula5on n ° 2016 / .679 of April 27th, 2016. The Customer has a right of access, rectification, erasure, and portability of the data concerning him, as well as the right to oppose the treatment for legi5mate motive, rights that he may exercise by contacting the controller at the mailing address of: Direction TAHITI EASY CAR Faa’a front of the Airport, PO Box 1619 PAPEETE 98713 French Polynesia or by email, enclosing a proof of his valid identity. The customer has the right to file a complaint with the National Commission for Data Processing and Freedoms (CNIL).


any dispute in this contract shall be brought before the competent court of French Polynesia.The renter acknowledges having read the general conditionsBy signing the rental agreement; the renter acknowledges having read the TAHITI EASY CAR terms and conditions of rental and accepts the terms.